How to find the Dell Equallogic service tag in Group Manager web console

The Equallogic is all cabled up and ready to go.  Servers have been installed and there is no room above the array in the rack.  You need the service tag number, but Equallogic has been nice enough to stamp the tag on top of the array.  Brilliant!

You log into the Group Manager and follow a link from Equallogic on how to find the Member Service Information.  Unfortunately the GUI you’re using does not match this interface.  You continue to search around the GUI and find a tab  under Maintenance that says Service Tag, but it says “No service tag”.  Thanks Dell and Equallogic.  (I hope they fix this in the future).

Dell Equallogic arrays are defined by serial numbers, not service tags.

  1. Open up Group Manager.
  2. Use grpadmin:grpadmin, if everything is default, to login.
  3. Click Members and choose the appropriate array
  4. Go to the versions tab and highlight backplane
  5. Take note of the backplane serial number.  It will start with “SHU”.
  6. Go to the Dell Equallogic Serial Number Converter website
  7. Type in the serial number and hopefully you will get a response
  8. Since it probably won’t work, you will need to call 1-800-945-3355 and tell support that you want to find your Equallogic Service Tag number.  They will redirect your call to the appropriate number.

Firmware: 2.03
Series: PS5000,6000

How to determine the specific version of BES 5.0 in Server 2008

You want to determine what maintenance release you are running for Blackberry Enterprise Server 5.0, but you cannot find the version number in the web console or Add/Remove Programs.  You are running Server 2008.

In 2003, it was fairly easy to determine which Blackberry Enterprise Server you were running by going to Add/Remove programs and click “Click Here for More Information”.  In 2008, it is a little bit different.

This information is included in the release notes for each maintenance release, but it doesn’t get indexed well in search engines.

  1.  Open Control Panel
  2. Go to Programs and Features
  3. Right Click the the column heading and Click More
  4. In the dialog box, select Version
  5. Click OK