DRAC5 is stuck trying to boot from virtual media

Sometimes if a machine crashes while virtual media is attached, it will continue to attempt to boot from virtual media even if no media is present.  This creates long boot times at the Dell Splash Screen and after the Remote Access Controller is detected.  If you have a linux variant installed, you will also see it hang when USB is being initialized.  In this instance, the DRAC needs to be reset.


  1. Install the DRAC Windows tools from ftp://ftp.dell.com/sysman/
  2. The file will start with “OMI-DRAC”.  As of this article, the current version is OMI-DRAC-Dell-Web-WIN-620-32-677.exe
  3. Run the install and extract it to a temp directory.  Default is openmanage.
  4. Browse to the temp directory where the file was extracted and browse to windowsdrac
  5. Run the Drac msi
  6. After install completes, open up the command prompt and go to c:program filesdellsysmgtrac5.  If it is installed on a 64 bit machine, the application will be in Program Files (x86)
  7. Type in “racadm -r <IP> -i racreset”.
  8. You will be prompted for username and password and the DRAC will reset.  It typically takes 1-2 minutes.

More information on DRAC Commands:

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